GeeMoon Usage Tips

You can find this page in “GeeMoon“ -> “More” -> “Tips”.

If you have any questions, suggestions or bugs, you can sending email to me in “GeeMoon“ -> “More” -> “Contact Me”. Or sending email directly to

Or you can @ me on Weibo @我的眼里只有代码 or Twitter @meilbn.


0x00 Tips Index

0x01 Overview

  • Total Balance can tap twice to hide or show.
  • Tapping Account list to open all account list page.
  • Shake device in Overview page will open create Transaction page (configurable in future).

0x02 Calculator

  • Tapping “Equal mark (=)” to calculating result or back to transaction editing page.

0x03 Create or Edit Transaction

  • Long press money view on top of page will reset money to 0.
  • Select category again can deselect.
  • Long press date will reset to current date.
  • Long press time will reset to current time.
  • Shake device in Transactions page will open create Transaction page (configurable in future).

0x04 Others

  • Calendar, Transactions and Budget Transactions list support 3D Touch to preview.
  • Support 3D Touch shortcut item, adding transaction quickly.